Are Bandit Sings Effective?

Okay we’re talking about marketing to get sellers to call you. With the bandit signs, you’re going to utilize traditionally the 18×24 inch signs.

Yard Sign Material


You can get Coroplast or outlaw indicators produced at a number of places. You can get pre-made ones in the house Depot. The issue there is they do not have a great deal of options in regards to We Get Residences and things like that. They’re also very expensive at Home Depot. They are typically going to cost $8, $10, $12 per indication, whereas if you go out to a few of the much better web sites you can get wholesale bandit signs¬†possibly $1 to $2 a piece. I’ll talk in a minute about how you can save even more cash on top of that.

Color and Size

2 of the things we talk about are color and size. The bigger you can get your yard signs, the much better. There are usually going to be two choices in regards to color mixes. You’re either going to have a white indicator with black or blue letters – those work best. Your message across the top is going to be relatively thick. It could be as much as an inch thick or perhaps 3/4 of an inch thick in terms of the letters.

Make sure that coroplast sign you get can be seen¬†from 200-300′ away to read it. If it’s a white indication with dark blue letters, it’s really that great. It actually attracts attention quite well. That’s my preferred color scheme. You can utilize black letters. For whatever reason I really believe blue is more visible than black letters. I have no idea why, however if you study signs a bit it does appear to have a much better visibility.

You might do the opposite. You would have an entirely dark blue or black sign with white letters. That likewise works fairly well. I personally don’t believe it works too, however it is fairly visible from a long method away.

You can get expensive if you want. You can get half the sign solid with white letters and the other half white with blue letters. You can do all that, however honestly in the end all that’s going to cost you even more money and probably does not add any value. Most traditional indicators that you’re going to buy off the rack are going to have one or the other. Once again, I use a white indicator with blue letters. To me that is the best combination.

Main Message

On top you’re going to have your major message. There are a couple of examples below. “We get homes.” That’s tried and real. You can do, “Sell your house quick,” or “I get houses for money.” You can do “Avoid repossession.” That’s a popular one today. You can put “Offer your residence in 48 hours or 72 hours,” something of that nature. That’s an obvious benefit to somebody who might be facing foreclosure in the next week approximately.

Those are all options for a relatively succinct message that you put throughout the top. You ‘d have your phone number – preferably your 800 number. Then your internet site, if you can put that on the bottom.

Remember, people are not going to have the chance to write things down for the many part. It’s best to keep it easy. If you’ve got a fairly simple website they can memorize or write down if they’re at a stop indication.

If you’ve got a complex web site it’s probably not going to make much sense. If your website is 4 or five words or it’s got some numbers in it, individuals are not going to have the opportunity to compose that down and get much out of that. This is a different subject, but make certain your web site is fairly simple to memorize and understand relatively swiftly.

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